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06 Of september 2015

I live in Moscow, but often in the UK, so write me on mail:

trsy   and we will arrange a meeting

My phone: (913)56565-56565-565655555

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Cost of services
06 Of september 2015

Training with accommodation:  100 TASR per month

Hourly payment:  500 rub. per hour, paying more than 40 hours per month. - 450 rub.

Training of two and more children in one family:  800 rub. per hour

accommodation: 140 000 rub. per month

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06 Of september 2015

Governesses of foreign origin in Russia, there are not a lot, mostly women. They usually have diplomas of professional nannies and studied child care, early education and development of children, prevention of children's diseases, child psychology, psychology of relationships with parents, etc.

Many governess from England engaged in equestrian sport, swimming.

I, Mary Poppins, are just such governance. While I am 9 years old I live in Moscow, so inviting me for an interview, you should not pay for the flight from England and accommodation.

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Mary Poppins
06 Of september 2015


 English governess for your child



Native English speaker (born and grew up in England in the family of emigrants)
Easily establish contact with children of different age and temperament.  



Responsible, demanding to themselves and to others.

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Services and prices
06 Of september 2015
  • the driver for an hour
  • car rent
  • the driver of 6-and 12 hours
  • the driver is up to 6 hours
  • Shuttle service


Full list of services get on the phone.

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